The Best Indie Rock Songs RIGHT NOW

There once was few things scarier to music fans than the reunion album, or the specter of older acts trying to cling to relevance by releasing wan rewrites of past glories.

But thanks to the return-from-the-dead success of artists like Dinosaur Jr. and My Bloody Valentine, veteran artists looking to get back into the game have no excuse not to bring their best, as seen from the fresh, captivating songs from shoegaze legends Ride, proto-emocore trio Rainer Maria, and the soaring Canadian collective Broken Social Scene, all of whom sound like they never left.

Speaking of past glories, Radiohead have recently opened the vaults with “Man of War,” revealing just how rich the sessions for OK Computer really were. Not to let the old guys have all the fun, Wolf Alice’s ferocious “Yuk Foo” and Torres’ raw, exposed fuzz-ballad “Skim” find them both evolving into the type of acts that might one day merit a glorious reunion album.