Big Glocks, Long Clips and the Bay Area Rap Revivalism of SOB X RBE

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What It Is
Hot off their appearance on the the TDE-curated Black Panther Soundtrack, SOB X RBE (a merger of crews Strictly Only Brothers and Real Boi Entertainment) release their album Gangin. “Anti-Social” is the single, and it captures the crew’s Bay Area retro-rap vibe, and has gotten a decent amount of buzz both in the Bay and in the hipster blogsphere (Pitchfork named Gangin’ Best New Music).

What It Sounds Like
Close your eyes and imagine you’re back in 1999, smoking a blunt in East Oakland, with Mary J.  rippling out of a nearby car speaker and Mac Dre bumping from a from a nearby house party. You’re close now. DaBoii raspy voice flows nicely over the summary beat as he relays tales of “big glocks, long clips,” while Yhung T.O. offers shots at dick-riders and fake rappers. They ain’t saying much new here, but it sounds great.

Playlists Placement
Do you have a playlist dedicated to smoking blunts? Go ahead and put this on there.