The Chamanas’ I-10 Road Trip Playlist

At a time when US-Mexico relations are strained, there’s fortunately indie-pop fusion ensemble The Chamanas spreading their homegrown sound from both sides of the border. Hailing from Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, the band has just released their album NEA II, featuring some of their first ever English-language songs. In mixing Spanish and English-language music, the collective aims to bring their varied musical culture to all people all over the world. As NPR explains, “The band’s name is a alternative vocalization of “shaman,” a spiritual person with healing energies. The Chamanas is definitely living up to the name.”

We asked them to put together a playlist for us, and taking another queue from their lifestyle north and south of the border, they chose some songs to play when driving the I-10.

Says the band: “One of our favorite things to do is to road trip along the I-10 or el ‘hay ten’ and visit new places along with our best friends/bandmates. We really enjoy playing in front of new crowds, and feeling the feedback from them listening to us for the first time. Our musical influence varies, just how the culture in the border can vary too. The four of us come from very different backgrounds and hence different musical influences. Still, we enjoy listening to music on the road together. We can jam to classics like Bronco and Jeanette, or new artists we just discovered and want to share.” Listen above or go right here.