Contemporary Dumb

If you worship at the altar of Ian Mackaye, then you should probably check out Vancouver slacker-punks Dumb‘s latest album Seeing Green (picking up the correlation yet?) which just came out on June 22nd.

The album, according to the band, “revolves around a confused and angry young person unknowingly being tossed around by the same western capitalist conditioning that we’ve all been raised on. Green in this sense refers to being a novice, as well as to money, envy, and growth. It’s meant to be somewhat of a self-aware exaggeration of some feelings in our every day lives that we often don’t want to admit to and may even lie to ourselves about.”

Furthering their self awareness to the music happening around them, we had them hand-pick a playlist that they dubbed their “favourite publicly traded newish DIY music on Spotify including tour pals Pardoner, side project Swim Team and Mint family members Woolworm.”

Give their DIY playlist a listen to the right, and check out their album wherever you go for new music.