Deerhunter’s Sunday Night Radio Hour

What’s This Playlist All About? Atlanta’s finest indie/experimental rock band have committed to curating a list of “interesting Spotify finds” every Sunday night. Perhaps their goal is to distract us from any hopes for a new Deerhunter album.

What Do You Get? Since this mix changes weekly, we can’t get down to specifics too much, but do expect smoky jazz from legends like John Coltrane, pleasant field recordings from far-off places, ancient instrumental song from even farther-off places, regrettably forgotten ’80s art-rock, and pleasant harmonies from familial favorites like the Everly Brothers and the Carter Family.

Greatest Discovery: So far, we’ve enjoyed dynamic jazz experiments from the George Russell Sextet (“Theme”) and some calming contrabass compositions from Bertram Turetzky (“Reflections on Ives and Whittier”).

Is This the Best Way to Spend Your Sunday Night? It’s a pretty ideal weekend unwinder, better than, say, “Netflix and chill.”