Demon Dayz 2018

What’s This Playlist All About? Everyone’s favorite animated firebrands are back to wreak havoc on Los Angeles with their second annual Demon Dayz Festival on October 20. This playlist highlights 2018’s impressive lineup, one of the year’s most interesting and diverse mini-fest rosters.

What You Get: Gorillaz’s own recent jaunts through sleek synth-pop and lite-funk for their most recent album The Now Now, along with classics like “Feel Good Inc” and “Clint Eastwood.” In between, Erykah Badu’s heady soul, The Internet’s ominous trip-hop, and Ana Tijoux’s seductive Latin hip-hop fill in the extra spaces. Every Demon Dayz performer seems to embrace rhythm, soul, a touch of psychedelia, and plenty of eccentricity.

Greatest Discovery: Kilo Kish’s dreamy, spacey mix of euphoric dance-pop and reflective R&B with songs like “Locket” and “Fulfillment?”

Crossing Our Fingers For: Damon Albarn has been hinting at a new The Good, the Bad & the Queen album, so with legendary drummer Tony Allen on the bill, we’re hoping for a reunion with The Clash’s Paul Simonon and The Verve’s Simon Tong.