How to Dress Well’s The Anteroom Influences (LOTOU 1.1)

What’s This Playlist All About? Tom Krell, the modest mastermind behind How to Dress Well’s moody mix of ambient, techno, R&B, and pop, compiles over 13 hours of equally moody pieces that hit myriad eras and auras of electronic music, all which have influenced his darkest most experimental release yet, The Anteroom.

What You Get: Upon pressing play, a spectacular array of leftfield sounds will hit you from every direction, no matter what track you start with. Indulge in dreamy, decadent meditations from Kaityln Aurelia Smith and Kelly Lee Owens. Brave heart-pounding noise, static, and twitchy terrors from aptly named artists like Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement and Dead Man’s Chest. Then, reminisce with Aphex Twin at his most manic, and Joy Division at their most cinematic.

Greatest Discovery: With over 150 tracks, there’s quite a lot to discover here, but we’re especially drawn to the crisp yet primal grooves of Yves Tumor, represented here with the too-short “Role in Creation,” and the soulful melt of “Face of a Demon.”

How Does This Playlist Reflect The Anteroom? It’s a fantastic companion to the album itself, which has you slipping and slinking through a dark fantasy of unhinged sounds, ominous drones, soft vocal passages, and transcendent techno beats.