Six-String Samurai Thundercat Gets Strung Out on New Remix

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What It Is
Thundercat is a monster on the bass, and has collaborated with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Flying Lotus. He’d always had trouble positioning himself as a solo artist — his albums were more interesting than accessible — but that changed last year with his Drunk release. Imagine Yacht Rock performed by goofy prog-funk-enthusiast extraterrestrials. Throw Kendrick, Michael McDonald, and Pharrell into that mix and you’ve got one hell of party. This track is taken from a recently released chopped-and-screwed version of the album, which essentially slowed down the tracks’ rhythms to approximate the sludgy, narcotic high of a codeine cough syrup.

What It Sounds Like
Much of the track’s visceral appeal is lost — it effectively goes from a funk bop to a warbling slouch — but the slowed down version has a pixelated quality that amplifies its more psychedelic qualities. The original is a certified classic, and it remains the definitive version, but this is definitely a nice addition/curio for Thundercat fans.

Playlists Placement
This is the perfect song for your playlist dedicated to lazy Sunday afternoons spent squirming around on the floor because you’re too high to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy. Add it to that playlist and then please see an addiction specialist.