Four Tet Returns with New Remix for Bicep

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“Opal – Four Tet Remix,” Bicep
What It Is
Considering that Belfast DJ duo Bicep took their name from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Pumping Iron, there music isn’t nearly as cheeky as you’d expect. The tracks bounce between Chicago house and Italo-disco and have a nice sheen that belies a mid-period Detroit influence. They’re also quite well known for their influential blog, Feel My Bicep, which is a destination site for fans of underground electronic music.

What It Sounds Like
The original “Opal,” from Bicep’s self-titled 2017 album, is a sludgy chunk of flangy, metallic synth sounds and downtempo drums that is surprisingly melodic for the duo. Four Tet doesn’t tinker too much with the formula. As is his wont, Four Tet adds whirring ambient textures and isolates the track’s melody, adding a layer of distortion that draws out the tracks blurry qualities.  The track takes a minute to build, but, by the end, it’s vintage Four Tet: both transcendent and completely ephemeral.

Suggested Playlist Placement
Hedonist Hangover Music.