Hope Sandoval and Colm O’Cíosóig’s Significant Favorites

Though best known for their respective work with dream-pop deities Mazzy Star and My Bloody Valentine, Hope Sandoval and Colm O’Cíosóig have been collaborators in Sandoval’s other band—rootsy psych-soul ensemble The Warm Inventions—since 2001. On the heels of their recent EP, Son of a Lady, the duo have created a playlist for The Dowsers that they’ve named “Significants.” Let them explain:

“This playlist is a fine example of all the different personalities that we surround ourselves with for happy and sad times.”—Hope Sandoval and Colm O’Cíosóig

Note: the duo submitted their playlist to The Dowsers via YouTube, and it included a couple of film clips and live TV appearances that can’t be sourced on Spotify. The playlist above includes the original recorded versions of their song selections but, for the full sensory experience, check out their original YouTube playlist: