Jennifer Castle — Put a Candle in the Window

Canadian singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle explores loss and comfort in those losses on her new album “Angels of Death,” out today. Harkening back to early eras of singer-songwriters, Castle’s stripped down guitar-and-piano-driven folk-drenched songs offer nostalgia with a modern twist, both twang-y and downright spiritual.

Expains Castle, “I grew up upon a blue carpet in the summertime, in a small wooden cabin on an island in Georgian Bay, Ontario (acknowledging the Anishnabeeg here). There, on Saturday nights, quiet by the light of a fire, listening to my dad dream out loud (red, red wine), my sister and I in bunk beds, golden oldies floating through the walls, I became a budding songwriter (RIP and thanks for the memories, Dad). With [new album] Angels of Death, I wanted to represent the type of child who listens through walls, sits in the back seat looking out the window dreaming, tunes radios when left alone, absorbs everything, etc.

“It’s not nostalgia that motivates me, but memories are like fuel on an already burning fire. One day the child whom is led around by parents seemingly and suddenly becomes an adult herself, making choices like ‘what colour of carpet should I put in?’ Short answer: BLUE!”

Check out her accompanying playlist now.