Kelcey Ayer’s September Friends Playlist

Kelcey Ayer is best known as the keyboardist and vocalist for L.A. indie-rock institution Local Natives, and on Sept. 22, he released his debut solo effort as Jaws of Love., titled Tasha Sits Close to the Piano. For his Dowsers playlist, he’s taking the opportunity to play catch-up on all the great music that came out last month—this is his “September Past, Present, and Future Friends’ Playlist.”

“I was trying to think of an idea for this playlist and it occurred to me how difficult it can be doing what we do, and how it seems that playlists are becoming the go-to for getting music heard. We’re trying to get our music out there to the world, but with all the noise, it’s pretty fucking tough. I just released my solo project, and with all the feelings it’s bringing up from baring my insides to everyone, I could use some connection. So I thought fuck it, I’m gonna hook it up! I love the idea of more community than less in the music world, so this is a playlist of either friends of mine, artists I’ve always held in high regard, or new ones who I hope to have a beer with one day, who’ve released albums in September of 2017. So happy I did this too—it led me to so many awesome albums I missed. Enjoy!”—Kelcey Ayer