La Force’s Deep Duende Playlist

La Force may share a vocalist with Broken Social Scene in Ariel Engle, but the band is mastering the indie world on its own. Born out of the culmination of AroarA – her musical project with husband and BSS bandmate/ drummer Andrew Whiteman – Engle’s La Force is “a deep reflection on the magic and dismantlement of motherhood; the never-ending tightrope walk of life, and death; and the re-discovery of self.”

If that hasn’t piqued your interest enough, the story she drew from and the themes she explores on her self-titled debut is how she was about to become a mother while her father was dying, which led to the exploration of family, identity and self. And having grown up all over the world from a home base in Montreal, Canada, Engle’s roots are not only something with a lot of ground to explore, but  also why she didn’t flinch in adding songs in other languages to the playlist she put together for us here at The Dowsers. 

Says Engle, “This playlist is an ode to rhythm and sound. The lyrics are second, half of the songs are in languages I don’t speak. These all make my ears perk up and my heart beat faster.”

Listen above or go right here.