Loving’s Playlist

Canadian band Loving make music just as soft and gentle as their name suggests—except it all comes with an unexpected existential twist. The trio’s dreamy, melancholic pop slips between cozy acoustic melodies and blissed-out arrangements that defy (as they also question) the concepts of time and space. On their 2020 debut full-length album, If I Am Only My Thoughts, their songs radiate with a warm, vintage glow influenced as much by classic singer/songwriters as psych-pop pioneers. Here, they’ve compiled a playlist of favorite tracks—old and new—that fits with that aesthetic beautifully.


Says band member David Parry of the playlist: “Here are some favorites from playlists friends have made and shared with us for good listening in the tour van … with some of our current faves thrown in. I’ve been playing that Nilsson song real loud these days!”



Photo Credit: Ft Langley