Massage’s Songs for a Slow Night at the Bar

Los Angelians Massage (ex-Pains of Being Pure at Heart) are apparently creatures of habit. Formed from a group of friends just trying to sharpen new or existing instrument skills the way they did when they were young, the band started rehearsing and going out as a group regularly — the way they did when they were young.

First they were playing the songs of their heroes like The Breeders or The Feelies, and then in a sound all their own. Once they realized they were onto something, their debut record Oh Boy was born, (as was their tab at their favorite bar) and their habit was fully formed. Or, as their bio so eloquently states: “Massage is a five-piece from Los Angeles performing jangly pop and enjoying poutine at Jay’s on Mondays.” So here’s their playlist for those Monday nights out.

Says the band: “Every Monday after band practice all of Massage goes to the same bar — shout out to Jay’s on Sunset — to have a drink, eat poutine, and talk about music and life. It’s a simple enough tradition, but it in addition to being a convenient place for us to sip beers together, it’s a great setting for listening to music in one of its most strangely powerful, and, frankly, cool settings: a half-full dive bar. This playlist is our ideal ‘slow night at the bar’ music — tuneful but a bit warbling; sweet but a bit sad; kind of obscure but strangely familiar.”