“It’s a New Playlist Tonight” By Michael Rault

The music of Michael Rault fuses multiple strains of modern rock — from the fuzzed out guitars of psych to the more funky corners of the singer-songwriter world. He recorded his latest album, It’s a New Day Tonight, at the legendary Daptones studio. Check him out on Spotify here.

From Michael:

I was drawn towards stringing together some pieces of strong song writing, which brought me in the direction of a more folk-y area to begin with – but I snuck some more prog-y and jazz-y excursions throughout and wandered off through a handful of different genres before finally concluding on some far out jazz from Alice Coltrane. I tried to strike a balance between farther out moments and straight pop insta-pleasers so that every extended jam was eventually followed up with some immediate gratification as a reward. So, hopefully someone can put this on and feel that it brings them through to their destination without getting them lost on the way.