The New Sade Track is a Warm Blanket

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What It Is
It’s a little hard to believe that 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the emergence of Sade. The Nigerian British singer is the queen of the slow jam; her lulling missives to the arts of seduction and sensuality are anchored in airy instrumental and her smokey voice. It’s  refined sound, and Sade makes make-out music for people who want to keep it classy. After a seven-year break, she returns with this track for The Wrinkle in Time soundtrack.

What It Sounds Like
Even by Sade standards, “Flower of the Universe” is particularly delicate. A hand-plucked guitar figure wraps around refrained vocal coos, with the occasional piano fill. But, as always, the star is Sade. She’s simply hypnotic here, sounding more maternal than carnel, and the track has a stark warmth and intimacy that is really unmatched in today’s pop landscape.

Suggested Playlist Placement
A post-coliotal cuddling playlist would be perfect.