Partner’s Favorite Songs to Get Stoned to

Listen to Partner‘s delightful debut album, In Search of Lost Time, and you will quickly learn that Canada’s foremost queer-positive fuzz-pop duo are also massive potheads. For this Dowsers playlist, they reveal the songs they like to crank up when they spark up. 

“Stoner,” Young Thug: This song is cool because, while there are a lot of odes to weed, this song is a little different: It’s an ode to stoners. Young Thug thinks stoners are cool and is proud to be one. Plus, this track just buuumps.

“Cotton Eye Joe,” Rednex: This song is good to get stoned to just ’cause it’s really hilarious and a total throwback to middle-school dances. No matter how lazy you are feeling, you might be able to muster a jig. Bonus points for the weird/scary video.

“Sweet Leaf,” Black Sabbath: The original ode to weed. “You introduced me/ to my mind.” SAME. Possibly the only song written in the second person, directed at weed, that doesn’t use the term “Mary Jane.”

“Really Doe,” Danny Brown: This song is great to get stoned to ’cause it’s a sick posse cut featuring a really cool stylistic array of rappers. Earl’s verse shouts out dirty spliffs and blunts. Everyone’s flow is completely different and they are all very impressive, especially when you’re stoned.

“James Joint,” Rihanna: “I’d rather be/ smoking weed.” Lots of people love to smoke weed, but Rihanna somehow also manages to make blazing seem glamorous and sexy. (Impressive.)

“Solo,” Frank Ocean: Like Rihanna, when Frank talks about smoking weed, it seems sophisticated and deep. This is a great track to listen to when you’re blazing alone, at night, wondering what it all means…

“Broccoli,” DRAM (feat Lil Yachty): DRAM is all “good vibes” if that’s what you’re into, and this is a feel-good party-jam ode to rolling one up at a party. Infectious piano hook.

“HennyNHoes,” Young M.A.: This is a good song to listen to at any time, and we will never not shout it out ’cause it’s our favourite and Young M.A. is cool as fuck.

“You Don’t Know How It Feels,” Tom Petty: This song is great to get stoned to ’cause when it gets to the part where he says, “let’s rollll another joiiint,” you can use it as an excuse to do just that.

“Dust on the Bottle,” David Lee Murphy: This song is about homemade wine, not weed, but it’s great to get stoned to, ’cause it tells a great story and, let’s be real, all music is good when you’re stoned.