Poguetry’s Playlist

The Pogues have proved themselves a crucial part of punk history. By throwing seemingly innocuous instruments—like the tin whistle, accordion, and banjo—into a fiery mix of boisterous Irish ballads and anarchic attitude, they challenged every assumption about the power and potency of punk. Now, original members Spider Stacy and Cait O’Riordan have united with the GRAMMY®-winning Cajun group Lost Bayou Ramblers under the name Poguetry to pump new life into some of The Pogues’ classic songs. They’ll be taking their spirited party on the road for a short tour in early 2020, starting on February 28 in singer Stacy’s adopted home of New Orleans. To celebrate, he shared with us an eclectic playlist of songs—the kind of stuff he likes to kick back with at home.

Says Stacy of his Lid of Me Grannies Bin playlist: “[It] should be played loud and on shuffle! As for the songs… I think they speak for themselves.” He further adds: “A playlist is not a playlist without The Fall, and ‘There’s A Break In the Road’ should be the national anthem.”