The Rural Alberta Advantage’s Wild Inspirations

Toronto indie-rock trio The Rural Alberta Advantage release their fourth album, The Wild, on October 13, 2017 via Paperbag Records. (Listen to its lead single, “Brother,” here.) With this playlist created specially for The Dowsers, singer/guitarist Nils Edenloff reveals some of the music that inspired the band during the recording process.  

“As a band, I think we’ve always been fairly divergent in terms of our musical tastes but, at the same time, that’s something that we’ve tried to draw on. Whenever we’re writing, we’re always aiming to find the intersection between these differing tastes while still trying to find a way push each other out a little outside of their comfort zone. This is by no means a list of everything that we were listening to while we were working on The Wild, but I think the DNA of a lot of these songs definitely left a mark on the record.”—Nils Edenloff, The Rural Alberta Advantage