The Best Electronic Tracks RIGHT NOW

Fortify your pulse with Philip Sherburne’s regularly updated playlist of electronic tracks ranging from club bubblers to horizontal home listening.

Four Tet has been deep into peak-time mode for the past few years, but with his brand-new tune “Two Thousand and Seventeen”—topical, that—he hits the air brakes and catapults us all into one of the billowiest beats he’s constructed in years. It’s a great month for woozy, humid cuts: Lapalux and GABI’s “Data Demon” wrings an atmosphere as sticky as the summer subway out of synths, voice, and trap drums, while Photay’s “The Everyday Push” flips African mallets and strings into a slow-motion boogie groove. It’s a good month for electronic pop, too: Matthew Dear’s “Modafinil Blues” puts a darkly glamorous spin on his disco-era Bowie obsessions, while DJDS, Amber Mark, and Marco Mckinnis deliver a damn-near perfect slice of melancholy, breakbeat-laced R&B with “Trees on Fire.”