The Soft Moon Presents: GLTY PLZRZ

Since 2010, Oakland’s Luis Vasquez has been delving into the darkest depths of post-industrial synth-pop as The Soft Moon. But with his fourth album, Criminal (Sacred Bones), on the horizon, Vasquez opted to make us a playlist that reveals a different side of his musical personality. 

“Every time I get asked to put together a mix or playlist, my first instinct is to want to show people my collection of weird and obscure oddities. For this playlist, I wanted to do something different, something out of my comfort zone, and something unexpected when it comes to representing The Soft Moon. The majority of my favorite music stems from the 1980s pop genre and, in fact, it’s what I feel molded me into the musician I am today. Most of us wouldn’t consider these songs guilty pleasures because, in the end, they’re actually all great songs that we all know. But when I was younger playing in punk bands, these songs were secret.”——Luis Vasquez, a.k.a. The Soft Moon