Songs Taylor Loves

What’s This Playlist About?: By now we all know Ms. Swift’s rather fickle taste in men, so it’s refreshing to see 43 other things that she loves——at least for now. This playlist will be updated monthly, after all.

What You Get: The old Taylor may be dead, but between a few f-bombs (which you’re hit with straight away via Bazzi’s woozy R&B hit “Mine”) and some feel-good hip-hop, she still wants——and needs——to preserve that cuddly every-girl image. The vibe here is almost exclusively mellow and moody. This is intimate pop for candlelit moments, with lots of silky post-xx dream-pop (EXES, Haux) and sensitive post-Bon Iver dream-folk (Bootstraps, Trent Dabbs). Filling in the gaps are a couple of her very own songs, because, you know, self-love is what’s most important.

The Track That Defines It All: Sylvan Esso’s stripped-down lullaby “There Are Many Ways To Say I Love You,” a short but sweet distillation of everything Taylor stands for.

Greatest Discovery: Kiwi singer/songwriter Holly Arrowsmith, whose pure, pretty folk number, “Love Together,” is the most pleasantly modest track of the bunch.

Biggest Surprise: Yoke Lore’s precious cover of Savage Garden’s of “Truly Madly Deeply.” He’s kind of like the male Birdy.

Will This Playlist Turn Taylor Haters Into Lovers?: Not likely, but it may quickly put them to sleep (and shut them up).