Tremor’s Latin American Gamechangers

Tremor have just issued the Ave Reina Mora EP, which finds the veteran trio continuing to fuse Argentian folk traditons and modern electronic production in fascinating new ways. For this playlist they created specially for The Dowsers, they salute the artists who’ve been at the frontlines of Latin American musical revolutions dating back to the 1940s up to today.

“LatAm Gamechangers is a playlist of Latin American musicians that are of defining influence in our band’s opinion. Their approach to LatAm folklore music was daring for their time. They took risks and, in some particular cases, they experimented with elements, sounds, and arrangements that sometimes took decades for the audience and even other musicians to catch up with.

“Take, for example, the song by Waldo De Los Rios that explores a ‘chacarera’ groove, but with synths and orchestral sounds. Keep in mind this is from Argentina, 1967! It took years for others to try anything similar.

“One of our favorite tracks of all time is “Juana Azurduy,” sung by Mercedes Sosa and backed by a band of true Argentinian folklore music legends. The mix of a European clavichord and timps playing next to charangos and bombos legueros is a powerful combination. (Check out Tremor’s ‘Huacal,’ which was definitely inspired by this track.) Then we have Los Jaivas and Arco Iris, mixing folklore sounds with rock influences for the first time in the southern part of the continent.

“The oldest track on the playlist is from 1940s, by Alberto Ginastera, one of the pioneers in taking an orchestral approach to folkloric rhythms. From there, the playlist moves forward to the ’80s, ’90s, and even the beginning of the 2000s, and it includes different regions like Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, and Chile too!”—Tremor