Turning Jewels Into Water’s Playlist: Beats and Rituals

Turning Jewels Into Water embody the ultimate global experience. Indian-born drummer and producer Ravish Momin and Haitian electronic percussionist Val Jeanty don’t only dissolve borders; they transform the way dance music moves us—both physically and emotionally. Making use of chants, polyrhythms, turntables, synths, and innovative percussive tools and techniques, the duo have created a wild, futuristic world of sound on their 2019 full-length album, <<Map of Absences>>. To fit their worldly (and otherworldly) vision, they’ve created a “Beats and Rituals” playlist for us, a mesmerizing mix of unpredictable rhythms and hypnotizing sounds that defy genre—and maybe just gravity, too.

Turning Jewels Into Water say this about their picks: “Diggin’ deep into the soul of the drum machine and channeling ancestral spirits.”