Un Blonde’s Ease Into Morning Mix

Un Blonde’s 2016 album Good Will Come To You—a dreamlike assemblage of folk, psychedelia, gospel, and field recordings—became the rare self-released Bandcamp effort to be long-listed for Canada’s prestigious Polaris Music Prize. Last month, the album received an official vinyl release through the Flemish Eye imprint (home to Chad Van Gaalen and Braids). With his Dowsers playlist, Un Blonde impresario Jean-Sebastien Audet shows us how we likes to start the day.

“Waking up is difficult enough as it is. Allow music to lighten that load, or clarify. This is most of my mornings, quintessentially. Not necessarily in an order, so shuffle that shit maybe—but I find both ‘Happy Good Morning Blues’ and, particularly, ‘Long May You Run’ to be the softest landings.”Jean-Sebastien Audet