Windy & Carl’s The Post-Rave Comedown Playlist

The Michigan-based duo Windy & Carl have been making mesmerizing music since 1992, yet their songs remain utterly timeless. Shifting between spaced-out guitar reveries and dense ambient waves, their hypnotic, often wordless pieces have the power to lift you off your feet. Eight years after their previous album, the pair returned with Allegiance and Conviction in 2020. The six-track collection offers a mix of what their longtime label Kranky aptly describes as “shoegaze minimalism and stargaze drift.” To go alongside the release, Windy & Carl have put together a collection of tracks meant to help you unwind—and it’s just as blissful as you could imagine.

Say Windy & Carl of the playlist: “We picked a mixture of favorites from a wide timeline—some new, some old, and all pieces we have given many multiple listens to. It’s a long playlist—perfect for a relaxing afternoon or a post-party comedown. Each of these artists has a catalog worth looking into, each of them creating music that is multidisciplinary. Take a deep dive and enjoy!”