Beacon’s “I Am Sitting in a Room” Playlist

Brookyln-based, Ghostly International-signed electronic duo Beacon are known for their modernist, deconstructed take on R&B. But beneath the group’s soulful, simmering, trip-hop-inflected slow jams lies a foundational appreciation for even deeper, stranger forms of electronic music. For this playlist, the pair assemble a mix of experimental and aleatoric pieces from the likes of Brian Eno to Oval to Autechre.

Beacon says, “We’ve always been intrigued by procedural and conceptual art that challenges how we define authorship. This playlist focuses on artists who embrace generative, algorithmic and minimalist processes, including Mileece’s ecological “bio-feedback,” TCF’s encrypted midi collages, and Eno’s recent App/LP Reflection. Listen in order and be rewarded with “I Am Sitting In A Room,” an 18:00 minute work that patiently unfolds and devolves into resonant bliss.”