Bicep’s Feel My Bicep

What’s This Playlist All About? Bicep is the Irish electronic music duo of Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar. Their own music is frequently funky, but also cerebral, atmospheric and spacial. It also all feels very erudite, playing with house, italo-disco and minimal tropes in ways that create a cohesive narrative out of electronic music from the past 30 years or so. This focus belies their considerable talents as curators and historians, and the duo began appearing on electronic music fans radars thanks to their blog, Feel My Bicep, which tracks their wide-ranging musical obsessions. The playlist is an extension of that blog.

What Do You Get? A little bit of everything electronic, from the more celestial house sounds of Four Tet to the kitchen-sink queer dubstep of Fatima Al Qadiri and onto the ambient of Shanti Celeste. There’s really not one particular sound they mine, but, rather, a vision of electronic music as progressive, unpredictable and inclusive.  If you’re a fan of modern experimental music, of you just want some music to groove to while sipping on your coffee, this playlist is a must.