The Coathangers’ Nosebleed Weekend Playlist

Veteran Atlanta-based all-girl garage punks The Coathangers can turn up the dial pretty substantially —  just listen to their latest offering LIVE to see what we mean. Hitting all the high-energy house party vibes (with a little bit of piss and vitriol stirred into the mix), the band was formulated 13 years ago as a means to have fun with their friends, so it’s no surprise that when we asked them for a playlist, what they delivered was all about good times for the weekend. And a reference to one of their other epic album titles.

Says the band, “This playlist is all about rockin out and enjoying whatever you’re doing while listening to it! Whether it’s a road trip, house party, or simply background music while you get to work, crank it up and rock tha hell out!!!”

Check out the playlist to the right or go here.