Country’s Best Beer Songs

You might not be aware that April 7 is National Beer Day, but do you know who probably would be? Country singers, that’s who. Why? Two reasons. First of all, when it comes to drinking songs, there’s no style of music that has a higher percentage of them than country. Sure, blues has plenty of them, and rock has its share, but none can compare to country. So nobody spends more time singing about drinking than country singers. And drilling down to a more specific level, although there has yet to be an official scientific study of the subject, it seems safe to say that when it comes to country drinking songs, beer is most often the beverage of choice.

So when National Beer Day rolls around, you can be sure it’s not going unnoticed in the country-music world. In that spirit, it’s only right to offer up a playlist that’s chock-full of suds-focused tunes in the genre, ranging from the ubiquitous to the little-known, reaching all the way back to the golden era of honky-tonk and coming right up to the present moment, while making plenty of stops in between along the way.

For instance, you’ve got three generations of Hanks leaning in to bring beer fully into focus. Western swing king Bob Wills represents the old school one moment with “Bubbles In My Beer,” and modern-day Nashville hitmaker Luke Combs delivers “Beer Never Broke My Heart” the next. And whether it’s a low-key ballad like Luke Bryan’s “Drink A Beer” or a roof-raiser like Toby Keith’s rocking “Beers Ago,” odds are that you’ve never heard so many variations on the topic at hand in one place before. In other words, if you’re about to lift a tall, cool one, you could do a lot worse for your soundtrack.

Photo Credit: Photo by mnm.all on Unsplash