Deadmau5’s Personal Faves Will Surprise You

Wat’s This Playlist All About? The masked mouse crusader shares an ever-changing, ever-expanding mix of “songs n’ stuff,” which has been getting a heavy update in the days before the March 30 release of his new collaborative album, Where’s the Drop?, an orchestral rendering of his electronic works with help from composer Gregory Reveret.

What You Get: A heady, head-bopping, nearly 10-hour mix of slick, silvery progressive house and minimal techno—much of it atmospherically suitable for a futuristic sci-fi blockbuster or a sweat-soaked trip in an exotic, lavish club. Dreamy or robotic voices float through on occasion, but mostly it’s a study on dance music at the intersection of melodic and hypnotic. In other words, it’s a good way for you to get out of your head and for our keen curator to slip in some of his sounds and those on his mau5trap label.

Greatest Discovery: The stabbing metallic beats and slippery grooves of “Machines” by Bulgarian DJ and producer Gallya, a newcomer on the mau5trap roster.

Does This Prove the Death of EDM? Always a mouthy one—especially when it comes to his own mode of moneymaking—Deadmau5 was once quoted as saying that EDM will “eventually fuck itself so hard.” He also tweeted, “I fucking hate fucking EDM.” Ok, we get the message. We won’t call this EDM. It’s just a solid mix of electronic “songs n’ stuff.”