Grey Mcmurray’s Playlist: Oslo

Grey Mcmurray creates a haunting baroque mix that bounds up and down a whole spectrum of emotions without ever letting up. On his hypnotizing debut solo album, <I>Stay Up</I>, he fuses classical and ambient music with the poignancy of a singer/songwriter unleashing his most vulnerable secrets. It’s music that’s beautiful and terrifying at once, and cinematic in the way it constantly builds tension. To give us some perspective on his wide and fascinating range of sounds and influences, Mcmurray put together this Oslo playlist just for us. 

Says Grey of the playlist: “All of this music feels inevitable. Like eggs or pancakes or coffee finding their way to the start of the day. Different slots, but all of them tumbling unconsciously toward their resting place in eternity. I don’t mean to imply any label for any position. Just that, taken together, words like <I>high</I> or <I>low</I> or <I>pop</I> or <I>serious</I> or <I>old</I> or <I>new</I> evaporate, as if they were never really there. (I don’t think they were ever really there.) Also, when down these help me.”