Mouse on Mars’ Revised Doctrine of Recognition, Recollection and Spatial Memory

The music of Mouse on Mars feels both pastoral and otherworldly. Their odd ambient textures are interspersed with sonic trapdoors — a jittery rhythm here, a squirming bleep there. It’s meditative music in the best possible way. We’re honored that these electronic music tricksters/pioneers recently created a playlist for us. Check out their description of the playlist below and be sure to check out their album Dimensional People.

In the past couple of months, we experimented with spatial mixing in various forms. Our involvement in multiperspectivity and spatial diffusion made us compile a playlist of pieces which could possibly be played back as simultaneous multi tracks in an imaginative space to overlap, coincide, oppose or complete each other. There is also an intentional slowed down time scale to this playlist which opposes the hasty listening habits of online music consumption.