Your Music Horoscope: Cancer Season

Astrology has become a cultural phenomenon—horoscopes and astrology memes are prevalent on social media, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a millennial who doesn’t know their astrological sign. Apps like Co-Star and The Pattern are thriving on the promise of A.I.-gathered birth-chart insights, and astrology columns are published in almost every major online brand targeting young people. Whether or not our zodiac signs have any actual impact on our day-to-day lives, the study of the movements of the planets and their pseudo scientific meanings brings people together on a mass scale.

From June 21 to July 22, the world is in the season of Cancer, symbolically depicted as a crab. Cancers are generally understood to be sensitive, nurturing, and a little bit mysterious. In celebration of the cardinal water sign, this playlist is a collection of some of the most iconic pop, hip-hop, and R&B songs made by Cancer musicians.

From Vince Staples to Ariana Grande, Solange, Lana Del Rey, and Post Malone, some of the 2010s’ most beloved artists were born under the Cancer sun. While we lean contemporary here (after all, astrology is ultra-trendy), the playlist wouldn’t be a proper dedication to the zodiac sign without including quintessential tracks from older-school Cancers Missy Elliott, M.I.A., and 50 Cent. These Cancer classics are a fun, mystical way to get into the season.

Photo by Max Hirschberger