Nadia Sirota’s “Meet the Composers” Playlist

Nadia Sirota is a violist who has performed with Arcade Fire, Paul Simon, Dirty Projectors, Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, and Grizzly Bear, among others. Her new solo album, Tessellatum, is out Aug. 11, 2017. She also hosts WQXR’s Peabody Award-winning podcast Meet the Composer, which provided the inspiration for this playlist she created specially for The Dowsers:

This is a bunch of my favorite works by composers featured on all three seasons of my podcast, Meet the Composer, which looks into the brains of creative musicians via interviews and sound design. There’s a healthy dose of microtonal stuff here, which almost always makes me really happy. But more importantly, all of these composers do The Thing I Like—which is to say, combining really interesting, unexpected textures with really satisfying material and structure. All of these pieces make me feel something, and that’s really what I’m after at the end of the day.

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