Tatum Lynn’s Playlist: Car Jams

On her debut album, With Me, which moves from cheeky pop tracks to heartwarming ballads to empowering anthems, Tatum Lynn sounds well beyond her 19 years. Still, the Arizona-based singer/songwriter glosses it all with a youthful vibrancy that’s infectious. Through it all, she channels a little of Ariana Grande’s sass (see single “Later Baby, XO” with its “thank u, next” vibe) and Taylor Swift’s evocative storytelling—and we think she’d dig that latter comparison, given that Ms. Swift shows up on Lynn’s Car Jams playlist more than once.

Says Tatum: “This playlist is definitely all music I would jam out to in my car! It reminds me of road trips I have taken with my girlfriends and how we just belt out each song like we were putting on our very own concert. I see people doing this with songs from my album, <<With Me>>, and am hoping one day I’ll pass by a car of girls blasting and putting on their own road-trip concert of ‘Later Baby, XO’!!”


Photo Credit: Nick Spanos