The Frogs’ Playlist

Jimmy Flemion of The Frogs shares his 20 most epically captivating live song performances by his fellow musician artists.

Says Flemion, “As you bear witness to one’s vulnerability & essence…a mere glimpse into another’s soul, wonderment exchanged knowing you are somehow connected. Gospel received! Here are my top 20 ranked in order.”

1. Bruce Springsteen “Backstreets”

“1976, I felt a need to get out of my seat & as close to the stage in the aisle as I physically could as he delivered this song. It was unforgettable, a sermon that moved me to tears & had the hairs on my skin standing up. The spirit move through him & he felt the need to share it. His performance inspired me to practice, sing & scream at the top of my lungs in our garage in my teens & my first songs revealed a tinge of his style.”

2. Gary Numan “This Wreckage”

“1980, the lights go down, auditorium is dark, in anticipation the opening synthesizer notes are played & the drums & band kick in & the lights behind Gary shine simultaneously, shivers run down my spine.”

3. Lene Lovich “Bird Song”

“1988, the otherworldly screeches fly from inside her mouth & are echoed & released into the crowd in full wedding dress regalia.”

4. Klaus Nomi “Cold Song”

“1980, Milwaukee . Klaus 12 minute performance stopped traffic, turned heads & dropped jaws. The Frogs opened this show & I sang in a lounging lawn chair, a takeoff of Carpenters song, ‘Close to You,’ turning it into ‘Klaus to You’.”

5. XTC “Complicated Game”

“1979, Andy Partrridge, unhinged, inside the song, expelling demons, ghosts & letting it all out on display.”

6. Cheap Trick “Stop This Game”

“1980, the intro music droned, Robin Zander made his way to the mike & laid into the most beautiful piercing vocal imaginable.”

7. Patti Smith “Easter”

“1978, a master class in delivery & recitation, Patti saw to it that you felt what she felt & placed you in person at the resurrection.”

8. David Bowie “Heroes”

“1997, sound check for his 50th birthday party. One of the most effortless vocal performances I’ve ever heard. Don’t know if he was holding back because it was rehearsal but it was amazing & flawless.”

9. The Kinks “Everybody’s a Star (Starmaker)”

“1976, Ray Davies showmanship unparalleled, prancing playing the part of a star to perfection.”

10. Prince “God”

“1997, Prince’ piano & voice in touch with creation at his most expressive continued taking the music & the crowd higher & higher.”

11. Jethro Tull “Wind Up”

“1974, Ian Anderson multi directional strums set the tone as he winds the song & the audience up into a frenzy.”

12. Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Lipstick Vogue”

“1979, one of the tightest combos ever in all of rock. This version was full speed ahead blistering.”

13. The Police “Invisible Sun”

“1981, the hypnotic mood generated combined light & darkness to the point of transcendence.”

14. The Pretenders “Message of Love”

“1981. Chrissie & the band were at their finest with their raw guitar attack & solo back beat shining & encased in beauty.”

15. Donovan “Lalena”

“1988, a special song for me since I used to sing The Frogs 1980 punk cover version. Donovan explained the back story of the song, Lalena being a prostitute & then proceeded to dazzle with breath conscious breathtaking vocals.”

16. Lou Reed “Street Hassle”

“1978, Lou was getting ready to exude his two word punch phrase “Bad luck”, he sings the last line before this, ‘You know what it’s called’… the venue is absolutely silent , a guy in the crowd yells out at the top of his lungs, ‘Bad luck,’ beating him to the punch. Lou got furious, raving mad, pissed off, started playing his guitar louder & louder, it became the last song of the night & he walked off after only 7 songs.”

17. Todd Rundgren “Real Man”

“1978, From the moment the show started, you couldn’t take your eyes off him, as he commanded & demanded attention, simply gripping & riveting.”

18. Alice Cooper “Only Women Bleed”

“1977, Alice stages a gritty, emotional, engaging prominence of vulnerability.”

19. ELP “Knife-Edge”

“1977, Keith Emerson’s showcase, 360 degree spinning Hammond organ, wildly stabbing with knives extending note sustain.”

20. Roger McGuinn “Chestnut Mare”

“1988 Roger or rather Jim if you will, captivated with his Wild West storytelling & guitar picking prowess.”


The Frogs have recently announced an upcoming release of the originally intended first Frogs album, titled 1st. And will be going on tour to promote the album while celebrating 40 years of Frogs music.

The Frogs singer, guitarist Jimmy Flemion is joined by Evan Dando of The Lemonheads on drums as well as guitars & vocals.