Tycho Selects

What’s This Playlist All About?: Tycho’s own productions are the sort of sprawling, epic electronic instrumentals that make every moment feel like you’re watching sunrise at Burning Man, naked and under the influence of some fourth-generation hallucinogenic. He’s probably guilty of making the same song over and over, but it’s a really good song!

What You Get: A playlist that captures whatever Tycho is currently listening to. He simply adds songs to the top when the muse strikes. It usually comes in clumps of 30 to 50 tracks and happens every three months of so. If you’re listening to this on Spotify, it’s interesting to see his taste progress through the years. In 2015, he was mainly listening to his own stuff, while 2016 found him branching off into Caribou and Lone, which really isn’t that much of a deviation, to be honest. Confusingly, his early 2018 additions include 2012-era indie darlings Atoms for Peace and Beach House.

Greatest Discovery: The Rival Consoles track “Ghosting” initially comes on like minimal darkwave but opens up into a chimey midsection before ducking back down into flanged techno.

Will This Make Me Want to Eat Peyote in a Desert and Find Myself?: No, but it might inspire you to buy a sweater at Urban Outfiters.