The Holy Knives: Field Guide

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The Dowsers
The Holy Knives: Field Guide

Hailing from New Orleans but residing in San Antonio, The Holy Knives ( comprised of brothers Kyle and Kody Valentine) mix rock aesthetics with desert psychedelics, resulting in their twangy and moody, Western and modern 2018 debut EP Ritual Bloom. To learn more about what influences their soundscape, Kyle and Kody made us a playlist exploring that very notion. Read about their selections below and go right here to listen.Says the band of their mix: "This collection of songs has been an undercurrent in both the writing of our EP Ritual Bloom and our forthcoming album. Each of these pieces holds a unique place in our ears’ hearts, and all of them in their own way had a place in shaping the emotions and soundscapes of the music we have been fortunate to create this year. Some of these songs accompanied us on the road, while others kept us inspired during our writing time. We hope that you can hear how these songs have played a part in making our music what it is, as well as discover something new to inspire you."

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