Maggie Rogers’ In Rotation

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Maggie Rogers
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The Dowsers
Maggie Rogers’ In Rotation

What’s This Playlist All About? As she prepares for the release of her much-anticipated major-label debut album, Heard it in a Past Life, the singer/songwriter who already has Pharrell Williams’ blessing puts together a mix of songs that she’s “got on repeat.”What You Get: Rogers shows off her country and folk roots by bookending the playlist with iconic voices Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris. In between is a treasure trove of charmingly offbeat gems—no matter how popular they’ve become—from the moody electro-pop of La Force and Clairo to the bombastic rap of Cardi B, the groovy indie pop of Your Smith, the introspective folk of S. Carey, and a little anthemic magic from tour buddies Mumford & Sons.Greatest Discoveries: There’s an awesome trio of songs near the top that flow so well together: the groovy feel-good soul of Natalie Prass melts right into Lizzo’s infectious funky “Boys” before Kamasi Washington slides in with his life-affirming exploratory jazz.How Does this Playlist Reflect Rogers’ Own Style? This serves as a wonderful companion to Rogers’ own music, which itself dips into a little of everything—a little gentle twang, a little electro panache, a little DIY edge—all while sounding completely fresh.

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