Refinery29’s Girl Power Songs That Are All You Need

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Refinery29’s Girl Power Songs That Are All You Need

What’s This Playlist All About? To celebrate Women’s History Month, Refinery29 put together a “power-up, pump-up, feel-good, and stand tall playlist for March, and beyond.” This is the type of stuff that gives you life no matter how down-and-out you feel.What You Get: A whole heaping dose of self-love from modern pop queens like Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, and Lizzo, alongside tough feminine ’tude from heroines across the eras, including Nancy Sinatra, Janet Jackson, and Dua Lipa. Elsewhere, Lily Allen puts a boyfriend in his place with the twangy tell-all “Not Fair”; Tacocat expose the perils of mansplaining with the punky takedown “Men Explain Things to Me”; Margo Price gives us the straight dope with the mariachi-lined truth bomb “Pay Gap”; and Ariana Grande says what we’re all thinking with the sultry teaser “God is a woman.”Best Pick: The freaky, fidgety, anxiety-ridden “Man-Size” from PJ Harvey, a genius at stripping down taboos and forcing us to see them for what they really are.The Most Empowering of Them All: While it should never be a competition (we ladies need to stick together, after all), nothing has surpassed or ever will surpass Gloria Gaynor’s classic comeback anthem “I Will Survive” when it comes to making us feel like anything is possible.

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