The Music Of The Blacklist

Currated By:
Maura Johnston
Published By:
The Dowsers
The Music Of The Blacklist

James Spaders bravado scenery-chewing isnt the only reason to watch NBCs twist-filled spy drama The Blacklist. Great songs from the past (Golden Earrings massive "Radar Love," Harry Nilssons withering "One") and the present (Mark Lanegans weary "Bleeding Muddy Water," The Kills swaggering "Sour Cherry") lurk underneath the bullets and double-crossings. The show managed to squeeze in a cameo by Brooklyn metallurgists Liturgy, who were joined on drums by a cameoing Peter Fonda as they tore their way through "Harmonia." Music supervisor John Bissells keenly selected tracks further propel the shows breakneck plots and, at moments, allow its harried characters time to reflect and be human.

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