Twin Shadow Playlist

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Twin Shadow Playlist

• The first song you danced to.I can’t remember but it was probably a song by Juan Luis Guerra - Dominican music• A song you wished youd written.Human Nature - Michael Jackson• Your favorite Tom Petty song.Breakdown and American Girl• A song everyone should hear.Welcome to heartbreak - Kanye West• A song for a late-night drive.Tyrant Destroyed - Twin Shadow• The song that reminds you of Brooklyn.Time to pretend - MGMT• A song you want to keep for yourself.Ship building - Robert Wyatt• A song that inspires you to create.The robots - Kraftwerk• A song that inspires you to destroy.The model - Kraftwerk• Song for a loved one.Vincent - Don Mclean (for my dad)• A song for your mother.By your side - Sade

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