Wanna Be Bad?

Currated By:
Stephanie Garr
Published By:
The Dowsers
Wanna Be Bad?

The good guys will always grab our hearts, but it’s the bad guys who fascinate us the most. There’s usually a hint of charm in the villain, and we can’t help but at least be a little bit wooed by their brazenness. In the world of pop music, “being bad” has served many artists well, especially the good girls who’ve embraced their dark side (Rihanna), the evil gals who will “fill you with misery" (Aretha), and the seductresses who always get what they want—and then immediately regret it (Lana Del Rey). Other artists have touted their bad image right from the get-go, like Joan Jett, whose iconic “Bad Reputation” broke open her solo career, and Billie Eilish, who kicked off her big debut with the sinister earworm “Bad Guy” (duh). This playlist celebrates the bad girls (and a few guys), and even the straight-up monsters.

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